You: What type of file format do you accept?

S: We accept any type of file format, however in order to keep the cost competitive we highly recommend print ready artwork file in pdf.

You: What are your standard artwork specifications?

S: Please ensure the artwork is created in CMYK mode and provide crop marks with 3mm bleed in all sides, in some cases we also highly recommend to have a margin of 3mm in the artwork

You:  Is there any hidden cost involved in printing my job?

S: We do not charge for express fee, download fee, or any other fee that sounds ridiculous to most customers. Our quote is final and the cost is exactly what we have quoted excluding GST.

You: What about design fee, or mail merge fee, fulfilment fee, distribution and postal handling etc?

S: We do have a design fee, if your artwork is not a print ready file and what you expect from us is the highest quality prints that require a complicated modification from your original file. The rest of the fee is obviously the cost that we need to cover for the service that we have provided to you apart from printing.

You:  What type of payments do you accept?

S: We accept card payments (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), direct debit or Eftpos and cash.

You: Do you have any graphic design service?

S: In order to become a great printer, one must understand the basic principles of graphic design, but we opted to leave the design part to the expert.

You: What about a real simple or basic design assistant?

S: We certainly can assist you in helping you achieve what you’re after, and depending on your circumstances, we might even do it for you, free of charge to win your business.

You: After reading all of the FAQ’s I’m interested to know what is your turnaround time

S: In most cases we are always exceed our customer’s expectation, and they’re amazed with the competitiveness in cost and quality of our products. But to give an Idea on how quick we can do them for you, give us a call here.

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